Monday, October 20, 2008

paved with good intentions, etc.

Well, I'm back. I had a "lost weekend", which for me means one of my multi-day headaches arising from knotted muscles in my back. I'm still feeling this one this morning but it is much better and will probably be gone by lunchtime (fingers firmly crossed).

As promised, here are some photos from Artful Taste of Autumn. We were poolside this year, which made for a very nice setting.

John and Chris have absolutely fantastic plantings around their place.

Here's my hubby helping with the set up of my booth. It was bigger this year than last because I had more stuff.

We had a little visitor under one of our tables. This is a katydid.

There are a lot of interesting architectural elements around John & Chris' place. I like the gargoyle light fixtures.

Another interesting piece, made after an ancient Greek mask or somesuch.

Here's the pool after nightfall. It was a nice evening and everyone
seemed to really have a wonderful time as usual.


Genie said...

Wow Susan , what a beautiful setting, Hope you are feeling better soon, have a good week

CG said...

Looks wonderful. Hope you're feeling better now m'dear.

Robin Mac said...

I agree, that is a gorgeous setting, hope you sold lots of stuff, and that your headache has now completely gone. Cheers, Robin