Wednesday, October 15, 2008

off the radar

I've been really busy, so there's been no posting this week. However I thought I'd check in and tell you that a) my knee is feeling so much better after the cortisone injection, and b) we did have a lovely time at Artful Taste of Autumn this past weekend. Photos will follow.

Sorry for the uninteresting stuff, but I'll follow up soon.

Hope you're all OK.


Genie said...

Look forward to seeing Pics, glad your knee is better

Bethel of Bethania said...

Susan so please the injections have worked for you ... great relief that's for sure - hope they last the full 6 mths [that's how long mine were to last - when I was getting them but I don't now].
Thanks for popping over to my place & best of luck with my giveaway ...
Now to see your photos of Artful Taste of Autumn... OOroo ... Bethel

CG said...

good to know your knee is feeling better xx