Tuesday, March 11, 2008

double inchies

I am not happy with the quality of this photo, but it gives you some idea of what I did last night between supper and bedtime.
Can you see the little flower buttons stitched on? I made leaves out of green fuzzy rick-rack. You can see everything more clearly if you click on the photo. I think I'll maybe mount these on some black matboard and frame them.

This morning there was the most gorgeous sunrise. Of course, I was admiring it from the moving car after taking Dylan to school and I didn't have my camera so the best I can do is this photo which I got here:

This was even taken in Kansas! Rooks County, to be exact, up in the northwest area of the state. In Kansas we have the advantage of no mountains or anything to get in the way of a beautiful sunrise. Of course, there's nothing to block the wind either, but that's a different subject.

Have a good day, everybody.

UPDATE--I don't know what is going on with blogger but it wasn't allowing for clickable photos, so I fiddled together this closeup of my own. This is the top double inchie in the photo above. At least you can see the flower a little better.


CG said...

I'm in awe...you made all this so quickly???

Lesley said...

Lovely!! I'm amazed at how busy you've been!!

Lovely sunrise photo :)


SaraLynn said...

Beautiful sunrise picture!
i love the flower buttons. You are so talented! I would love to see a picture after you frame it. I think that is going to be fantastic!

Debbi Baker said...

Your double inchies are gorgeous!! So glad you did the close-up - I'm a detail kind of person and it frustrates me when I can't really see the details!! I haven't tried this size but I think I would do better with it than the inchies - they are fiddly. Love the way you did the leaves!

Julie said...

Beautiful inchie! Lovely colours and textures.
Beautiful sunrise too! :)

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

Very pretty - I love the color of the clear-pink button (is it a button)? Where did you find the flower-shaped buttons? Also I love your wallet - what bright colors!

Mieke said...