Tuesday, March 4, 2008

question: what is it?

Answer: I don't know! This is what is evolving from the set of quilting fabric strips I sewed together the other night. I cut them apart in strips and sewed them back together top to bottom. The first thing you will notice is that I am NOT a quilt piecer. Any edges/corners that match up are purely chance, I can assure you.

I tried out all of my sewing machine's fancy stitches (not that many, but some are interesting) using a variegated quilting thread which seemed to highlight the piece's many colors. It is backed with ordinary craft felt which gives a firmer surface for sewing and seems to work quite well.

I'll start embellishing this with various things and probably turn it into artist postcards. The squares are too big to translate well into ATCs, I think.
I was working on this at the dining room table last night, keeping company with my middle son who was doing homework preparatory to returning to school this morning. He has been down with the same virus I had earlier, and my youngest son before me. Now, of course, my oldest son has it, to be followed, I'm sure, by my husband. Did I mention that we're all REALLY ready for spring here?
Hope you all are in better health at your houses.


SaraLynn said...

Spring, where are you?
This is the mood at my house as well. Hubby has a sore throat and not feeling too great, otherwise we are okay healthwise. But we have snow! I posted some pictures of what we woke up to today. Two days ago it was 71!!!

Lesley said...

I hope everyone there recovers very soon!! We're ready for spring too!

I love the colours in your patchwork. It'll look lovely as postcards :)


SaraLynn said...

I love it, even if it doesn't have a name!
Hope you enjoyed the pork chops, my family thought they were tasty!
Sorry to hear of your sick ones! My hubby was home sick today. i am screamin' for Spring! hehe

Kate said...

Depending on how big your squares are, how about a wallet or a book cover/wrap? Just a thought. We are seeing off our long, long winter cold - all my kids have been in school for a whole week and a half! Hope yours are on the way out, too. Easter soon! xx

CG said...

What lovely bright colours. Hoping you are ALL recovered soon!!