Wednesday, March 5, 2008

new hanging at VAAM Gallery

This is one of the pieces I completed for the current exhibit at the VAAM Gallery. It is mostly fabric embellished with stitch and the face was made by printing on a piece of wonder under and ironing it onto copper shim. The bead fringe is handmade.

This piece of mine was previously exhibited but I liked that they hung it vertically this time.

A ceramic tile piece by VAAM artist Estelle Renberger.

This tile piece is by new VAAM artist Jake Rhodes.

Our guest artist is potter Ron Michael whose pieces are very interesting and sort of aboriginal.
This is a large hanging bowl.
The interiors of Ron's pieces are really cool. This one reminds me of cork.

The section of the gallery where Ron's pieces are displayed looks like an exhibit of ancient pottery at a museum. Austere, kind of, and archaeological except that nothing looks as if it were broken and put back together.

I love the shape of this large vessel. The bottom's texture and color are great.

Another large piece. A very unique potter and a wonderful exhibit.

Hope you all have a good day.


SaraLynn said...

Fantastic! i love your pieces. the pink piece is lovely, you are so artistic adn creative. I am in awe! The vertical piece is just amazing. It looks like something I would buy!

How wonderful to be able to express yourself so beautifully!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!! Your pieces are wonderful!! I really like the face printed on the copper scrim. I also love how you have the piece of shear green paisley coming outside the orange framing. Very Cool!!
thanks for the comments that you left on my blog too. I love it when you visit- you are always so supportive!! Did you ever get my address??? Woodford, 3 Washington and Lee Blvd, Stafford Va. 22556
Are these peices for sale or just display? If they are for sale I am sure that they will not last long!!!

Lesley said...

Your pieces look great - I love the pink one and there's so much work in it!!

I love those ceramics, they look so tactile. They remind me of some lovely wood carved bowls I've seen.


Cathi said...

I am very impressed, wonderful pieces you have done!

CG said...

It's a really good thing I don't live near you as I would be spending all my cash on this wonderful art and the kids would go hungry!!

katelnorth said...

Wow - some great pieces there - both yours and other people's. Thanks for that!

Debbi Baker said...

I love your pieces - especially the vivid pink piece - it is stunning!! Hope the patient is improving...