Saturday, March 8, 2008

thank goodness for weekends

I accidentally slept in until almost 9 this morning, which I never do so I must have needed the rest. I've tidied the kitchen, fed the cats, and decided what to have for supper (sausage lentil soup and sourdough bread), so I've earned a few minutes to catch up on my blogging.

I plan to do some fiber work today but have nothing new to post at this moment so I thought I'd revisit some jewelry I made earlier but had never posted. I may put some pieces on etsy later.

This bracelet involves handmade borosilicate beads in a sort of black cherry color, with handmade (by me) sterling silver links and clasp, and a hilltribe silver charm. Detail below. It is much more colorful in person. Borosilicate glass is notoriously difficult to photograph accurately.

This is another what I call "linky-link" bracelet with cranberry colored boro glass beads, plus some ivory glass and Swarovski crystal accents, again with handmade sterling links and clasp, and hilltribe silver charm.

Thanks for all the well-wishes for Dylan. His fever broke in the night and he's acting almost back to normal this morning. I'm keeping him out of public for the remainder of the weekend to give his system time to rest and recoup. He dislikes his antibiotic, but takes it stoically.

Happy Saturday, everybody!


mrsnesbitt said...

Glad to hear Dylan is feeling better!
I adore these bracelets.
I bought the most beautiful necklace yesterday.

CG said...

Those bracelets are lovely..I'm so tempted!!
Glad Dylan is on the mend! {{HUGS}}

ominnimo said...

Your bracelets are lovely and I like the idea that you have made some of the elements yourself.

Julie said...

Beautiful jewellery Susan! I have just been catching up with your last few posts. Where have I been? I love the weaving you have a few days ago. The colours are wonderful. I'm glad your son is on the mend. I'm putting you on my bloglines so I can keep up to date :))

SaraLynn said...

Good to hear Dylan is better. We are all doing much better. We even went out of town for the weekend.

Love the bracelets! Isabella loves the linky-link bracelet.

Take care and thanks for checking up on me!