Monday, March 31, 2008

just to prove

...I really hauled everything out of my studio, I offer the following photos:

I will happily take suggestions as to suitable window treatments. A little problem with the window on the right--it is bisected by the underside of the stairway from the main floor, so a regular curtain won't do.This is the corner of the two walls I'll be painting red. The shade I've chosen is called Cupid. The other walls will be a pinkish shade of white.

And finally, the disgusting floor, complete with lovely cracks. Sealed, filled, and leveled, it will make a much nicer surface and I may even add a small bright rug in the center of the room. Hmmm.

This is nice.

I like these colors.

No, sorry. My boys would revolt and leave home.

This would be a bit much.I rather like this one.

I should probably wait until we're a bit further down the road to think about this, but it is fun.

BTW, I am home with Dylan today who is sick once again. Sigh.


Lesley said...

Can't wait to see your studio when it's all done - I rather like the fairy rug!!

I hope Dylan is better very soon :)


CG said...

You're on your way to a "new" studio! Hope D feels better soon!

SaraLynn said...

Sorry to hear he's sick!
My little one has a cold too.
I blame the weather changes from day to day, hot and cold...