Tuesday, April 1, 2008

home but not idle

While I was home with Dylan yesterday, who has tonsillitis again and will probably have to have them out later this year, I decided to do some "kitchen sink" dyeing using Dylon and Rit dyes as well as alcohol inks. I didn't measure anything as far as dye/ink amounts but I'm pretty happy with the results.
The oranges on the left are Rit dye tangerine. The pink/orange on the right are Adirondack and Jacquard Pinata inks.
These are Adirondack blues and purples.

In process dyeing, with Pinata colors "sangria" and "santa fe red" on top and Adirondack "raisin" and "lettuce" on the bottom.

More Rit dye, this time in lime (which is a rhyme :-)

Dylon turquoise on top, and combined with Jacquard Pinata's "senorita magenta" on the bottom.
I did the Rit dyes in ziploc bags and everything else was dyed in plastic containers. I used a variety of fabrics including cheesecloth (scrim), muslin, tea towel sacking (which I really like) and even some old hankies. I cut the embroidered flowers off the hankies before I dyed them and will probably put them up for grabs at some point. Would anyone be interested in that?
Over the weekend I got out my embellisher and had at a piece of black felt with some pink silk roving and some other stuff. The contrast is really good and I'm thinking of embellishing it further with some stitched-on copper shim. I'll probably turn it into ATCs.
I am remaining ensconced at the dining room table until my studio is finished. I can't bear not to have a place to work. We just move things on and off the table at dinner time. My poor children wouldn't know a normal mother if they fell over one!


CG said...

i think you're a brilliant mum...who needs "normal"? What delicious colours!! Have you ever dyed with koolaid? I have heard that gives interesting results.

SaraLynn said...

I love the last one, great colors!
They are all good, though. You are so artistic! I love looking over here to see what you are up to!

Julie said...

Hope Dylan soon feels much better. I used to get tonsilitis a lot and it's no fun. The dyeing looks great - not something I've been brave enough to try yet.

Lesley said...

Gorgeous colours - I love the lime green!

Glad to hear you've found yourself somewhere to carry on working - and 'normal' is boring!!!


Kate said...

Mmmmmm, lovely. How did you dye with alcohol ink???? (Sorry I'm running a bit late. I've been a bit tied up! No, standing forlornly, putting multiple copies of the same thing into the bin liner!! ;-( xx

Debbi Baker said...

These are just so YOU!! I love them. And children love creative mothers even if they don't (know or) show it!