Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm back. I want to thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. I can tell you now that our crisis was because my husband unexpectedly lost his job last Thursday and it really threw us for a loop. There had been no indication of trouble beforehand, so it was like a bomb was dropped on us. We have spent the last several days trying to get our ducks in a row, talking to family and friends, and doing a lot of praying and soul searching. We are feeling better, some things are starting to open up and we are grateful. I want to say that we have been very aware of God working in this situation and believe it will all work out for our good. We feel very blessed in our friends, and for me that includes all of you who have been so caring and kind over the past few days especially. I will keep you posted on job search progress.

A wonderful bright spot for me came with the delivery of yesterday's mail, which included the results of an ATC trade. The lovely and talented Debbi Baker traded me the leaf ATC and unexpectedly included the gorgeous orange felted sunburst ATC in the parcel. She also sent along some postcards, one of which I really got a kick out of because it involves theatre and I am very involved in our local community theatre.

Aren't these wonderful?

As if that weren't enough, dear Julie not only sent a fabulous ATC (so gorgeously detailed I can't begin to describe, so you'll have to see the closeup below) but included an assortment of lovely bits and pieces, several of which I shall use immediately on a project currently under construction and which I will blog about tomorrow.

Just look at this gorgeous thing:

I'm almost hesitant to send out my own ATCs as they just don't compete with such loveliness.

Again, dear friends, thank you so much for lifting me up over the past few days. We are moving forward as God provides direction and are so grateful for your kindness.
Have a great Tuesday.


mrsnesbitt said...

This is such a lovely surprise, so well deserved.

Take Care,

SaraLynn said...

Lovely gifts!! Isn't it fun to get something like that to lift your spirits?

I will be thinking of you during this time. I wish there was more I could do.

Take Care,

CG said...

What beautiful items; they came at just the right moment. What a big crisis to deal with...I'll keep thinking and praying for you!

Julie said...

Glad my package got there and cheered you. Take care of yourselves xx

katelnorth said...

wow, gorgeous ATCs. still thinking of you all.

Aussie Jo said...

Good luck with your job searching, it must be a very difficult shock to deal with. My hubby has been warning me for some time now, he is in the car industry, that things are going downhill.Luckily he's hanging in there at the moment. I'm hoping he'll have a job until I can finish my Master of Education (at the end of next year) and go back to work full time. God bless.

Genie said...

It great to have such lovely surprises, Good luck on job front.

Lesley said...

I've just got back from a few days away so have only just picked this up. I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's job loss. What a terrible shock this must have been for all of you.

I do hope everything is sorted out very soon and that your husband finds his new direction to be a happy one.

How lovely that you received those beautiful gifts when you really needed them most :)

Take care.

Thinking of you,

Lesley xxxx

Mieke said...

WOW, FAB!!!!