Saturday, April 19, 2008

cat blog friday on saturday

A mixed bag of things to post today. First this photo of #2 son Chris with Tiger asleep on his tummy. Chris is probably our biggest cat lover.

And here is Rusty in his favorite place on a sunny day, the guttering at the edge of the roof. Of course, when he gets hungry he cries to be rescued and we have to pull him in via the attic window. Silly kitty.

Here's Chris again with his entry at the student art show. This is a piece from his elementary design class. (His is the one nearest the left edge of the photo.) BTW, Chris' shirt says "don't drink and draw" with what looks like something akin to a Jackson Pollack work.

Last night we drove to Salina, about 35 miles away, in spite of ever-increasing gas prices, to have a bite of supper (Burger King--whoopee) and do some shopping. Look what I found at the dollar store! A mulberry paper photo album, tiny floral notepads and sticky notes, pens, an adorable little floral cardboard chest with 2 pullout drawers, and raspberry chocolate, all for just a dollar apiece! Best bargains I've found in a long time.

It is sunny and gorgeous here today, so of course we're going to stay indoors and work on my studio. Makes sense to me!

Have a glorious weekend, everyone.


SaraLynn said...

cute cats!!
hehe..sleeping in the gutter! how cute!
love your son's art entry, and looks like you got some good deals :)
have a great day!

CG said...

What great cat photos...I love the one of Rusty in the gutter and so did Phil. Congrats on your bargains!!

Lesley said...

Great bargains! I love those flower shaped notepads.

Your big grown up son looks so cute with Tiger fast asleep on him!!

I hope the studio is coming along well :)


Debbi Baker said...

Great bargains and gorgeous photos!! Have a great day - that studio must be coming along nicely now. How big are your pieces going to be for the exhibition?