Thursday, April 3, 2008

gloomy thursday

I did nothing of an artistic nature at all last night since I was pretty tired after work and wanted to finish a novel I'm reading. Didn't get that done either between feeding everybody and taking care of Dylan. His fever broke overnight, by the way, so he should be much better now, at least not requiring fever meds. So I have no exciting new photos of my artwork to post today.

However, I did find what I think is my final rug choice and it's actually much less expensive than I had feared since it comes from Wal-Mart:
I adore paisley, so when I saw this I knew it was the one. I'm also thinking about putting a border up on one of the soffits that stick out at about head height in my studio and which I loathe, so naturally I mean to emphasize them. Maybe I'll learn to love them after all.

One of these two, I think.

I hope it is a sunny day where you are. It's suicide watch weather here.


Lesley said...

That's a very pretty rug - paisley is lovely and I love the border with the squares on!

We've actually had some sunshine here today. I hope your weather cheers up soon!


SaraLynn said...

I love the rug, it will look nice in your studio!

It is cold and rainy here :(

Julie said...

I love the squared border too. Glad Dylan is now fever free. :)

Debbi Baker said...

Gorgeous rug and I am excited to know that you like paisleys!! Today was a cool and very grey autumn day here - it was trying very hard to rain...

CG said...

That rug is lovely and i think your finished studio will look a treat..