Monday, April 14, 2008

manic monday

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What is it about Monday morning that always makes me feel like I have to rush around? Maybe it's just switching gears from the weekend, I don't know.

In a previous post I featured my husband Dave sealing the floor of my studio. He did not appreciate the photo as it didn't feature him from a very flattering angle, in his opinion. ;-P So here he is painting my studio and you can actually see his smiling face:

Here's another shot of the paint job, which makes the color look like hot pink. It isn't; the photo above is a much truer indication of the color. That is indeed a hole in the ceiling where we're going to put an access panel to be able to reach our kitchen sink trap. See my teeny, ugly window? There's another one just like it a few feet to the right. I will just have to cover them up.

I'm still making cones when I'm not doing taxes or painting. Here's a rather awful photo of the latest one, which also allows a view of my hideous ironing board cover, a topic previously covered.

And here's a cone before it becomes a cone:

I used a beautiful piece of panel lace sent to me by Julie when she sent this lovely assortment of stuff. The largest button came from her, too.
I will use these pretties to hold dried roses and such.
I hope you are all having a fine, sunny day.


CG said...

s a beautiful colour and a much nicer pic of Dave :) Glad your study is coming on :)

Lesley said...

Your studio is going to look wonderful! Mr Blissful Artist looks like a very happy worker :)

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Glad you found me so I could find you. Thanks for the kind words. Your blog and your work are FAB-TASTIC! I love, love, love the colour of your studio.

Dianne said...

Love the colour - it's my favourite!! The cone is so pretty!