Wednesday, April 23, 2008

apple blossom time

Since it was cold for so long, things have been really late blooming this year. This is our old apple tree in the back garden, finally putting forth some pretty blossoms. We usually don't get many apples from this tree because there's a freeze during the bloom time, but this year may be different.

Tulips are in full bloom now, too.

Picture of the floor pour! This is my DH, David, working hard to mix the floor leveler compound. Note the dust particles in the air.

The finished product. It isn't perfectly smooth, but since the main objective was simply to fill in the big ugly cracks in the floor and not necessarily to have a surface level enough to lay tile on (which we wouldn't do anyway), we think it worked well and are happy with the results. I cooked DH a lovely dinner after this, by the way.

It will be painted with white floor paint very soon.

I have also ordered this:

and purchased this at the hardware store.

We're also in the process of painting my gray metal shelves to be more in tune with the new colors. I will hopefully be able to start moving in to my "new" studio this weekend!!!! Photos to follow, of course.

Have a spectacular Wednesday, everyone, and to my English blog friends, happy St. George's Day!


Genie said...

ATC on its way, The weather here has been lovely Yesterday and today, Rain on its way back for the next 3 days, Ugh. Bet you cannott wait to get moved into new studio now. Cheers Jean

CG said...

oh it's going to look so gorgeous!! thanks for the St Georges Day message :)

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Thanks for St George's Day wishes. The room is looking gorgeous, as are the blooms in your garden. We have sun here too for a change. Yippee!!!

Julie said...

Thank you for the St George's Day wishes :) I love apple blossom, Spring is such a lovely time of year, not too hot and beautiful zingy colours. Good luck with moving into your studio - I'll look forward to seeing the photos.

Dianne said...

your studio is going to be so lovely. makes me think of Twiggy and Yardley cosmetics for some reason. light and fun and wonderful colors, whimsical - that's the word I was looking for.

Lynette said...

I believe your studio is going to be very nice--just what you're wanting it to be. Here's hoping you have a bushel of apples come on that tree! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

ELMERC said...

Love your apple blossums.Elaine Cooke