Thursday, April 24, 2008

one more project :-)

Last night I got a wild hair and decided to do some silk painting. Actually I decided several days ago to do this, which is why everything was all ready for me to apply the dye last night. The instructions and all materials for this project can be found here. I have bought most of my dyes and dyables from Dharma. They're great to work with and very responsive to any type of question.

I meant to take photos at various stages, but I got carried away until I'd applied the last color. Oops.These dyes require steam fixing to make them permanent. Not quite sure how I'm going to do that yet, but since this is the learning curve piece I feel I have the latitude to the figure it out.

This is an ATC I am trading to Genie. It started out as a piece of tissue paper painted with acrylic inks and sewn to felt. The blue fibers are trapped beneath a layer of purple chiffon which I sewed down in concentric rectangular shapes, which you can just about see. I had forgotten I had this key charm but I was glad I found it because it seems to be just what the piece needed to finish it.
Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday.


Yummers! said...

The silk paintng is lovely and fascinating. I'm totally unfamiliar with it. Looks like fun!! Your ATC is also lovely. Thank you for explaining how you made it. I always learn a little something from other's techniques.

Lesley said...

Your fabric painting is lovely and how great that you got so involved in it that you forgot to photograph the process! It's lovely when you can really lose yourself in a project :)

Your studio is coming together really quickly!! It's going to look fab.

Great ATC too - beautiful colours :)


katelnorth said...

Ooh, the silk painting is lovely. That's on my list - haven't got to it yet, but maybe someday...