Wednesday, April 2, 2008

spring green

This is what's become of the piece of embellished black felt I blogged about earlier:

I had embellished the felt with the hot colored fibers, then I cut into ATC size pieces and added the green, then stitched on the copper bits. I like the leaf shapes, which combined with the green fibers led to the name "spring green" for the set. I hate to divide these up. Maybe I'll mount them as one piece. I do intend to do some embossing on the copper shim to knock back the shine a bit, or a lot. It's kind of distracting otherwise. I'll finish the edges somehow, too.

Dylan is on antibiotics and is improving. I was resisting the idea of him having his tonsils removed but he cannot keep getting this infection every few months. So I guess the next step is an appointment with the local ear, nose, throat specialist with whom I am acquainted, or more precisely, I'm acquainted with his wife and children through community theatre. Anyway, thanks for your good thoughts for Dylan. He's resting comfortably at my mother's right now.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.


SaraLynn said...

These pieces are lovely! I love watching your work take shape!

**My daughter used to be sick several times a year. We had her tonsils removed 3 years ago and she's only been sick twice since then. Glad he is resting and hope he feels better :)

Lesley said...

So glad to hear Dylan is improving.

Love your blakc felt pieces - the colours are great!


Kate said...

I hate it when they're ill. Glad he's getting better, though, bless him. Give him a little kiss on the forehead from Lexie. Loving that work, by the way. You've given me a little idea....if only I could do it!! lol xx

Julie said...

Gorgeous Susan! I love the copper too. I think you're right to display them together. Glad to hear Dylan is improving.

Genie said...

Love the colours. Hope Dylans better soon.

CG said...

Beautiful art work. I do hope Dylan continues to improve.