Friday, April 18, 2008

better times a-comin'

I'm shamelessly inserting this photo (from on my blog because I have nothing of arty interest to report. We visited my parents last night as they have just returned from a visit with my sister's family in Washington state, so I accomplished nothing other than preparing supper last night (which was spaghetti, for anyone interested in that tidbit).

This weekend promises to be sunny and beautiful and we plan to pour the floor leveler in my studio (hurrah!) and do some work outside. I've got the wallpaper border ready to go up also, and will post a photo or two of that.I also plan to get some studio work done (at my dining room table), finishing the flower ATCs from my last post plus hopefully starting an embellished felt piece I've been thinking about for my upcoming fiber exhibits this fall. I've also GOT to start planning the workshop I'm doing in September as part of the VAAM Gallery textile/fiber arts exhibit. Good times ahead.
Happy Friday to you all.


CG said...

What a lovely optinistic post! you have a busy weekend ahead; enjoy!!

SaraLynn said...

Love it :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

liz said...

You sound very busy:) Thanks for visiting my blog. It's great when people leave comments, isn't it. I've a lot more FOs these days.