Wednesday, April 9, 2008

summer garden

Here's what I've been doing lately and what I'm going to use some of Julie's lovely bits and pieces for:

And here is the back of the cone:

This is made of a quilted fabric sandwich using felt in the middle, with floral cotton fabric on the outside and hand dyed muslin on the inside, stamped and embellished, and the whole piece overlayed with tea-dyed scrim, lace, buttons, and other trims. It is hanging from a piece of cotton cord which forms self tassles on the sides. It's perfect for holding a bunch of dried flowers, in this case roses.

I got this project from Quilting Arts Gifts publication which can be ordered here. It has other great projects by people whose names you will recognize.

Thanks again for all your kind posts and e-mail messages. I will keep you updated on our situation. Happy Wednesday, all.


SaraLynn said...

Awww..this is beautiful!

CG said...

That's really lovely. Keep your chin up dear {{HUGS}}

Julie said...

Beautiful! Maybe I should read my QA Gifts! :) Hope you're keeping strong xx