Saturday, April 12, 2008

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

We had a bit of an excursion this morning, to Sheila's Garden Market, our favorite place to buy spring plants. Here's Sheila's sign, out by the highway. #2 son Chris was driving, accumulating experience for his drivers course this summer, so the photo was taken out the car window.

Sheila's has such cute garden decor, such as the sign below.
I thought this was a charming tableau.
And a row of colorful metal pots overhead.
Here is Dylan with his friend Tyray, who came along with us. Mugging, as usual.
This is so cute. A painted child's chair.

Enormous pots, with David's hand in the photo for size perspective. Not sure what I'd do with a container that size.
Sheila's has about an acre of every kind of geranium you ever heard of. I usually do a planter for my mom for Mother's Day, including a geranium from Sheila's. This is an ivy geranium specimin.
A lot of very nice planted pots.
Since the weather is still so cold here overnight (supposed to be in the 20's tonight, for example) we decided to just get a bowl of lettuce plants for now, but we'll go back to Sheila's to pick up pansies, petunias, etc. for container planting later on.
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Julie said...

I love geraniums too, especially the frilly ones. Unfortuantely my DH is allergic to them.

SaraLynn said...

I love these pictures! So bright and full of Spring promise!!

The child's chair and metal pots were my favoite!!

Hope all is well and you have a great sunday!

Aussie Jo said...

What an inspiring garden centre, I need a big pot like those to plant a meyer lemon for my courtyard!!

CG said...

Garden stuff like this is an addiction with me...I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in your photos (including the children LOL)

Lesley said...

What a lovely garden centre - I love those huge pots and the geraniums are gorgeous - I must get some for our garden this year.

We took the children to a garden centre yesterday and they had more fun there than at the play park!!