Monday, April 28, 2008

happy news

I am thrilled to report that my brother Brad acquired a fiancee over the weekend. Here he is pictured with the lovely Lisa whom we are absolutely tickled pink to welcome into the family.

Lisa brings two sweet children to the family as well, adding to Brad's three boys. They bring my parents' grandchild total up to 12. Big hugs and heartiest congratulations to the happy couple. We couldn't be more pleased.


CG said...

They look just right together!!

mrsnesbitt said...

They look so happy!
I was soooooooooooooooooooo happy today too, I received a parcel!
It is wonderful Sue.
Thanks so much.
I will take a picture and get it up on my blog!

Yummers! said...

What a handsome couple!! Congrats. to all of you. I'd love just one grandchild... lucky you!

Your studio is looking great! And I love the 3 birds... really adorable.

Julie said...

What a lovely picture Susan and don't they look happy? How good too to be welcoming new young people into your family.