Sunday, April 20, 2008

more stuff, and something for cathi's mom

Well, I can't say these were accidental purchases so I'll call it retail therapy. Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get a few things and, as they say, one thing led to another. I didn't buy nearly what I could have, though, and considering all the lovely stuff they've got at that store I think I was quite restrained. The flowers and green buttons on the right are actually brads and are meant for scrapbooking but I put them to other use. The little wooden box was only .99--how could I resist? I'll alter it or something. The pink items are actually cotton scarves which I will make into curtains for my studio.

Cathi's mother has been undergoing chemotherapy and Cathi has asked for folks to send cheerful cards and such to her, so I thought I'd oblige. These will go in the mail tomorrow:

My mother and mother-in-law have both had brushes with cancer and are both long term survivors, for which our family is extremely grateful. I hope Cathi's mom will be one too, and that these little things and others she receives will be encouraging to her along this journey.


Aussie Jo said...

Georgeous postcard, that would brighten anyone's day.

CG said...

those are real little treasures. Please pass on my good wishes to Cathi's mom.

Lesley said...

Your card is beautiful and I'm sure it will give Cathi's Mum a much needed boost.


Cathi said...

You are so generous, look at that beautiful card and gift. Thank you so much for everything.

I received your inchies here today in Ireland and the little hand did you know I love the hand symbol (so much I have it tatooed on my ankle, lol!! sorry if that is too much info...long story involving a backpacking adventure through the middle east where that symbol is prevalent...)

Thanks again!