Sunday, March 16, 2008

palm sunday

Dylan came into church with the rest of the children this morning, all waving palm branches in commemoration of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The tiniest children are especially sweet--they're totally clueless on what it's all about, but they have a great time.

I had a suggestion from Leah about how to finish the pink/orange piece. She suggested cutting it into pieces and framing them separately. I like that idea, so with a view to doing something like that I went to Wal-Mart which actually has some pretty decent and nice looking black frames for a reasonable amount of money. I found this frame for under $9.

I'll cut the piece into four pieces and finish them off separately, then frame three in this frame and one alone in a small frame to be displayed (and hopefully sold) on its own. Thanks for the suggestion, Leah! I also bought a couple of plain black 8 x 10 frames in which to mount some inchies I have planned for later. More fun yet to come!!

I hope you've all had a relaxing weekend.

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CG said...

what a good idea and a nice frame xx