Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a little something, and atcs up for grabs

Dinner was later than anticipated last night due to a gas barbecue hiccup (no propane) so everything had to be cooked on the stove. I was discombobulated to no end. That being the case, I had less time than I'd hoped to get artsy before bedtime. However, I did manage the following ATCs, made from the edges of the felted piece I used to make this. They're all backed with different commercial batiks. I'm not sure they're completely done but I wanted a photo to post today so I probably jumped the gun.

One of these will go to Debbi Baker in a trade but the other two I'm going to give away. I don't know which will go to Debbi yet, so if you tell me you want to trade you'll at least be a little surprised. Also, I may yet add beads and other adornments to these (I generally don't know when to stop), so that will be an additional surprise. Anyway, the remaining two will go to the first posters who express an interest in having one. Please specifically mention wanting an ATC when you post.

I have enough of this same scrap left over for probably 12 inchies which I may frame, then it's on to the next thing. Oh, and I plan to clean up my horribly messy studio (thanks in part due to my very naughty cats who enjoy playing in there and generally causing havoc) after which I've promised my husband I will move all my stuff from the dining room table. :-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone.


CG said...

Ooh would I be greedy if I said I wanted one???

Julie said...

Susan, may I have one please? I'll swap you with one of mine :)

artisbliss said...

Well, that was quick. The ATCs will go to Julie and Julie. Thanks, ladies. Julie #1, I have your address. Julie #2, please e-mail your info to me.

katelnorth said...

Oh well, maybe next time :) They're very pretty.

kiwicarole said...

Yep, guess it's next time alright!
If you are interested in a swap sometime let me know!

Debbi Baker said...

Ohh lucky me!! They are so beautiful !