Sunday, March 9, 2008

that's more like it

At last I have something stitchy to show after days with nothing. This is what became of that funny patchwork piece I put together. Moogsmum purchased a couple of these cute wallets on etsy the other day so I went looking for a pattern and found it (on, I think). It suits the patchwork.

Here's the inside, complete with room for cash, credit cards, and coins. I just think this is such a clever pattern.

And here's the outside, unfolded. As with any new pattern or project this represented a bit of a learning curve. It was a little labor intensive but that was due at least in part to me figuring out how to put it together. If I make others it will probably get easier and faster.

The rest of the patchwork became an artists' postcard, an ATC, and some embellished bits I may turn into inchies or double inchies. These projects used up all but a sliver of the patchwork which makes me happy.

It was a good weekend. We didn't go anywhere but got some things done around the house and let Dylan recuperate more. He has spent hours this evening playing with our huge collection of Lego's, mostly amassed by his two older brothers. Dylan has been fever free since Saturday morning and is in good shape to return to school tomorrow. I think everyone is pretty much over all their icky bugs (I'm knocking wood furiously right now) and if the weather today was any indication, spring can't be far away.


Stitchety Grub said...

The wallet is sooo cute - so bright and cheerful and well worth all the "fiddling" - great job! .... and you used up the rest brilliantly ... luv the ATC with the little lacey corner! :-D Britt

SaraLynn said...

Love the wallet! It is too adorable!

CG said...

That's all so bright and pretty; i love the cute wallet design! Glad everyone's feeling better!

Julie said...

Lovely wallet, Susan. I think I'll go look for the pattern. Glad Dylan is up for school after that yucky bug.

Kate said...

I am so chuffed how this turned out! Good work, Susan!! xx

Lesley said...

The wallet is lovely and the patchwork really suits it - so bright and funky!!