Wednesday, March 26, 2008

inchie madness

After threatening to make inchies for weeks now, here is my first attempt. I did have just enough scrap from the pink/orange felting exercise to make an even dozen.

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, though that small space is a challenge to work in. If (when!) I do more I'll have to restrain myself from beading before I zig-zag the edges; I broke a couple of beads under the needle. I had thought of framing these mounted on black matboard, but after seeing Debbi's ATCs against the fabric in hot colors I'm rethinking that. We'll see.

I will probably not blog tomorrow. I am accompanying my parents to Kansas City (3 hours one way) to help my brother move into a new loft apartment. I am glad to be able to help, and to get out of town for a bit of a break. I hope to be able to take some photos of sights (doors?) in the KC area.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.


SaraLynn said...

these are so pretty!
Hope you have a good day tomorrow. I always enjoy getting out of town.
Thanks for your comment earlier. I will be alright. just mending slowly ;)

CG said...

such tiny little works of art. have a great trip and a safe one; will miss you

Lesley said...

Your inchies have turned out really well and I love the colours. I hope you have a good day out tomorrow and that the move goes well!


Julie said...

I've never made inchies yet. they certainly look fiddly but yours are lovely! Hope you have a good break and a successful move for your brother.

ELMERC said...

What flower are you was quite amuzing.

Susan said...

I've so enjoyed your recent pictures of Easter and spring. It makes me miss the midwest! Your inchies seem inspired by all this beauty!
PS Thanks for your comments on my blog too!

Debbi Baker said...

Susan - your inchies are just gorgeous! And I can totally relate about beading last - I learnt the hard way too!! And be warned they really are addictive.

Veri said...

very nice inchies, I love the colours

ScaryCheri said...

love your inchies. I learned not to add beads until later the same way, lol. I haven't tried inchies yet but we did an itty bitty(3x3) fabric swap that was very fun. Love your ATC's. Very beautiful colors. Hugz, Scary