Sunday, March 30, 2008

rainy sunday

Thank you for your understanding comments on my hideous studio (even though I could hear you snickering under your collective breath). I can report some progress in that everything has been moved out and the floor cleaned preparatory to sealing it.

As promised, here are some shots from Kansas City.

This is my brother's new front door. It is really much oranger in person.

This is a door in the wonderful little Italian deli where we ate lunch. Don't know where it leads to but I thought the color was nice.This is probably not technically a door, but maybe the opening to a coal chute or conveyer belt hatch. It is in the foyer of my brother's apartment building which is a converted warehouse. The opening was very small, maybe 4' including the lintel bricks.

This beautiful terra cotta work is at the top of a building across from my brother's apartment building, and taken from the window of the hallway. The buildings in that area were built in the late 19th century.

As I said earlier, I didn't get as much photography in as I would have liked, but since that wasn't the purpose of the trip I don't feel bad about it. Dave and I are planning a pleasure trip to KC perhaps in May around our anniversary time so I will plan to take more photos for your edification at that time.

Happy and peaceful Sunday to you all.


SaraLynn said...

The terra cotta I think is my favorite this week. How pretty!
I love looking at old buildings with detail like this.

Hope the meatloaves and potatoes come out great for you! We sure cleaned our plates;)

Hope you have a great Sunday as well!

CG said...

Glad the study is cleared and the door photos are great!

Julie said...

I love the terracotta too. That little 'doorway' is fascinating.