Saturday, March 15, 2008

what i did at the gallery

It was a good day to be in the VAAM Gallery downtown. The weather was chilly and blustery which made the warm, brightly lit gallery seem even cozier than usual. In addition to making several sales, including 3 pieces of my own jewelry (yay!) I managed to get quite a little studio time in. I worked some more on the piece I posted yesterday, adding pink, purple, and green angelina to the soy silk roving, then pulling apart a red dyed silk cocoon rod into three pieces and embellishing it down (that's the 3 red blobby things). I covered the whole thing with a piece of sheer purple chiffon and finished it off with a couple strands of different fibers which I kind of just let fall on the piece and embellished them down where they landed.

I had asked yesterday whether bookmarks would be a good use for this piece and got several positive responses. However, the longer I look at it the more I'm seeing it framed. I don't know. It isn't finished yet so I have some time to decide.

I wanted to go ahead and do some bookmarks, especially as I would like some to give as gifts in the near future, so I embellished another piece of Kunin felt with wool roving, angelina, dyed cheesecloth, sheer light blue fabric, all overlayed with a dark blue chiffon headscarf, then cut the results into three pieces, each 2" x 6". I've finished one bookmark with various fibers, beads and a fun ceramic charm, and the others are well on their way. I'm happy with the way these turned out. Two of them are backed with a green/blue batik and the other with a piece of wide, sheer, sparkly ribbon.

Not a bad day, I'd say.


Five Shadows said...

Lovely bookmarks! I like what you have added to the embellished piece you started yesterday.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

what a beautiful orange/pink piece - I love the colors! What if you cut four squares and put them in four small frames (frame color depending on the paint color of the walls they would be hung on), they could be hung in a vertical row in a bathroom, or horizontally in the kitchen above the sink, or near the front door, or anywhere else you would be able to look at them over and over throughout the day! Whatever you do end up doing with it, it sure is gorgeous.

Kate said...

Yay Susan! Selling things is fab. Well done, you! (I'm liking your embellishing, too!)

CG said...

lovely bookmarks. I would like one of them; my favourte colour! Glad you had a profitable and productive day!

Julie said...

Congratulations on your sales! :) I like the bookmarks - I have to make soem too for a swap on Fiber Art Traders. Your first piece is looking good too!
BTW I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment in your header :) Me too!

SaraLynn said...

I love the bookmarks! They are terrific. Congrats on your sales! That must be exciting!
hope you are having a good Sunday!