Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and the winners are...

Here is my sweet boy Dylan drawing the names for the stash bundle giveaway. He took this job very seriously!

We used DH's special Superman hat for the drawing.

Here are the winning names (click for a closeup):

In the order drawn they are saralynn, debbi baker, and kate north. Sara will get the warm bundle, Debbi the wild bundle (which has some warm elements), and Kate the cool bundle. Congrats, ladies! Please e-mail me your address information so I can send the stash bundles on their way.

Here are photos of my silk paper making binge last night. Dylan had to get in on the act in the first photo, which shows the wet soy silk roving sandwiched between layers of very sheer netting. The next picture is the papers drying on my dishrack.

First is the Entwife roving, and next is Summer Flowers. I can see I'll have to devise a way to actually hang the silk paper to dry instead of draping them over a rack because I don't like the marks left by the slats! Oh well, live and learn.


Anonymous said...
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katelnorth said...

yippee, yahoo :) Details on the way. Thanks to Dylan from me for excellent work in doing the drawing!

Lesley said...

Those silk papers look beautiful - I love the colours!
Dylan seems to be taking his draw master role very seriously :)

Congratulations to the winners!!


Anonymous said...
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CG said...

Congratulations to the winners and it's great to see the artistic process in progess!