Friday, February 22, 2008

home day

Go here to get in on my stash bundles giveaway. The cutoff will be Monday, February 25.

I'm taking a personal day to try and get over the nasty virus I caught from Dylan. So of course I'm doing some art so as not to get too bored. (OK, I did the dishes too, and later will fold about a mountain of laundry, so I am doing some housework as well.)

This is the scrap left over from cutting out the pink felted heart I posted on etsy yesterday. I embellished it to a piece of orange felt, layered under a piece of dyed cheesecloth and some red chiffon. Don't know what next but it will evolve, I'm sure.

I came across this little tag book I had made several months ago. It is along an Asian theme and is really quite cute. Perhaps I'll post it on etsy as well.

Dylan has his Cub Scout "Blue and Gold" dinner tonight, so I shall try to feel good enough to go. The theme this year is "pirates". I'll have to search out my eyepatch and parrot. Arrr!


Julie said...

Hope you soon get over that virus. I like the tag book. Fibre Art Traders Yahoo group have been making ATC books recently. I like your cards on the previous post too.

CG said...

Oh, that tag book is lovely, What do you use it for??