Thursday, February 21, 2008

more etsy

I sold a piece on etsy yesterday and was surprised how little time it took to get noticed. So I decided to put a couple more things up.

You may recognize this now-finished postcard from an earlier post. I added another bit of ribbon and a kitty cat bead to finish it.

I used the remainder of my first felting attempt to make this heart pin. I embellished the original layers of pink roving and purple chiffon with some ribbon and layered on a bit of red chiffon, then added beads and blanket stitched around the edges.

If you want to get in on my stash bundles giveaway, please see the previous post.


CG said...

Are there supposed to be photos? Congrats on your first sale honey!!!

CG said...'s ok, I see them now!! DUH!