Wednesday, February 27, 2008

silk paper musings

I'm wondering what to make with my new silk paper. Perhaps a limited edition of four artist postcards? Or ATCs? Or a book cover? It's nice to have options.

I need to make more space dyed silk cord. I had made some quite a while ago and have just recently used it all up. Perhaps I'll dye some silk velvet ribbon and do the cord at the same time.

My DH made a late-night run to the store for some 12 hour cough medicine last night, which enabled me to get a better night's sleep than I'd had for several days. I've noticed I can always cope better if I've had some rest!


Lesley said...

I think your silk papers would make a beautiful book cover.

Glad your are starting to feel better - you just can't beat a good night's sleep!

CG said...

I agree with Lesley...a book cover!!Glad you got some sleep :)

SaraLynn said...

It would be lovely as a book cover for a journal.