Sunday, February 3, 2008

postcard and a new friend

I was anxious to finish my postcard for CyberFyber and really didn't have any plan for what the finished product would look like other than the color scheme of orange and purple. I ironed a piece of kunin felt onto some fusable pellon for a base, then tore some strips of purple and orange dupioni silk. I stitched these to the base, alternating colors.

I layered on a piece of purple chiffon and free motion stitched in swirls over the whole piece.

I rummaged through my boxes of fibers and embellishments and pulled out some things that fit with the general palette and feel, including hand dyed silk ribbon from Carma, space dyed wool and silk fibers from Stef Francis, some silk cord that I had dyed some time ago for another project (I save everything), and some glass beads and colorful cotton perle thread. After that it was just a matter of deciding where to put everything and how to make it work together. By this time I had lugged everything over to the VAAM Gallery for my Saturday shift, and I set it all up there. Made for some interesting conversations with various people wandering through.

This is the final product. It is 4x6 (or thereabouts) and is backed with purple batik from Hoffman and zigzag stitched three or four layers around the edges. I will be sending it to Susan Lenz at CyberFyber on Monday.

I found this little fellow in the snowy gutter in front of the Post Office on Saturday morning. He was a bit damp but none the worse for wear. I scooped him up and took him to the VAAM Gallery with me, where he kept me company as I worked. When I was drying him off I discovered there is a squeaker in his tummy. I have called him Bryony which seems a fitting name for a hedgehog.

I hope you have all had a good weekend.


CG said...

The postcard is so beautiful and I like your new friend! Hope we see more of him!

Maggie Grey said...

Thanks for the 'heads up' about the exhibition. Susan had posted the comment on an old post so I didn't get it. It would have been awful to miss the chance. Have since found out how to get them through email. I love your postcard and, guess what? I am a snapdragon too, shall we form a club?.

Julie said...

Your postcard is gorgeous! Lovely colours and stitching.