Monday, February 11, 2008

happy birthday to dylan

My baby is eight years old today! Sob. We're having a special dinner for him tonight with his choice of menu: hamburgers, creamed corn, and fruit salad. He's also requested a Yu-Gi-Oh cake which my mother is currently in search of. I don't know if they make such an animal. Dylan has invited his friend Sebastian to eat with us.

Lesley reports having received my postcard but I can't find my photo to post here so you'll have to look for it on her blog. So far my cards have met with approval. I shall have to do more.

I was attempting to nap yesterday (amidst a horde of cats who were trying to nap on my legs) and was just drowsing off when an image of a fiber book based on gothic arch shaped postcards popped fully formed into my head. Sigh. I'll either have to make it right away or do sketches or something before the image evaporates for good.


CG said...

Happy birthday dear Dylan!

i went to Lesley's blog and her postcard is lovely too!

katelnorth said...

happy birthday to dylan :) My "baby" was 5 last week - my biggest is 10, which seems unbelievably old - where does the time go?