Saturday, February 16, 2008

i want my money back

We are scheduled for yet another ice storm beginning this afternoon. DH and I had planned to go to a Japanese restaurant in Wichita for a belated Valentine's dinner but it appears we'll have to postpone. Rats. I'm sure I needn't express again how I feel about this winter, especially the ice. It would involve invective and this is a family friendly blog.

Speaking of my DH, he is currently engaged in helping me (read: doing it all himself) modify my old sewing machine for use as a felter/embellisher. This involves removing everything that would be in the way of the felting needles and replacing it with a piece of dense foam rubber. Let me just say I'm glad he's mechanically inclined. I'm anxious to try it and will let you know how it goes.

We retrieved our three now "neutralized" boy cats from the vet this morning. Other than being somewhat tense and bug-eyed, they weathered the trip home OK. They ate and then collapsed and are now sleeping off the experiences of the last 24 or so hours. Poor babies. They'll be better off and we have done the responsible pet owner thing. Now if there was just a surgical procedure to keep Tiger out of the tree! (I guess we could have him declawed, but I don't like that idea.)

My lovely friend Jules has issued a challenge on her blog to list 5 nice things you do for yourself, 5 nice things you do for your closest friend, partner, or child, and 5 nice things you've done for a stranger. Here goes:

For myself:

1) I treat myself every so often to a soak in a tub full of hot scented water.
2) I keep in close contact with my 3 siblings and my parents.
3) I try to allow my creativity freedom--sometimes I have to push myself here.
4) I have a daily prayer time.
5) I keep up this blog--this has been a really great experience for me!

For my closest friend, partner, or child(ren)

1) I get up early and make breakfast for my family every work/school day.
2) I hug all my children frequently and tell them I love them.
3) I choose my DH's ties. I don't know why this seems like a loving thing to do, but it does. He must wear a shirt and tie to work and he always looks spiffy.
4) I make sure everyone has clean clothes, whether this means actually doing the washing myself or directing the other three people in this house big enough to run the washer!
5) I work hard at ensuring my family members get to where they need to be on time and with everything they'll need when they get there.

For a stranger:

1) I hold the door open for someone who has their hands full.
2) I treat respectfully people who come to my workplace to apply for a job. I am a receptionist at a manufacturing firm and a lot of people we get look like they don't have a lot going for them, but I try to be encouraging.
3) I try to make supportive comments to young mothers I see struggling with small children.
4) I have donated jewelry items I've made to be auctioned for charity.
5) I have let people use my cell phone when they needed to make an emergency call.

This exercise made me kind of uncomfortable. When thinking of things I do for my family it seemed there wasn't much to say--maybe I'm really selfish. And talking about what I've done for strangers felt like bragging. I probably have mental issues!

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CG said...

I know what you mean...I felt uncomfortable too. But it's been good reading what other people do to be "kind". It made me realise there is a lot of everyday kindness going on in the world :)