Friday, February 8, 2008

between doctor visits

Well, I managed to hoist myself in to see the doctor today, who pronounced that I have a pulled hamstring. Yup. If it weren't for meeting worker's compensation requirements I might not have gone to a regular MD at all and just done chiropractic but that's a hoop I had to jump through, not literally, thank heaven. The doc says I can return to work on Monday using a hard chair and a foot prop, and he gave me a prescription for a pain reliever that will do more good than naproxen sodium. Mobic, I think the name is. My mobility is definitely better today but it still is very painful to sit up without something to elevate my left foot on.

Now on to more pleasant topics. This is a lousy photo, but the beads are gorgeous in real life. Please ignore my old ugly countertop. I had purchased these beads on ebay in December and they were custom made, etched, and shipped, and I received them yesterday. Truly wonderful.

This is what my workspace looked like Saturday when I was making my postcard at the Gallery. I couldn't pass up the chance to photograph all those yummy bright colors together.

And finally, in honor of Friday catblogging, here is Rusty looking imperious.

I shall now go sit on an icepack and wait for my chiropractor appointment. Have a great weekend everyone.

***UPDATE***The chiropractor agreed with the MD that I did not do any serious damage and should just continue to rest, ice, take anti-inflamatories, and generally take it easy, so I shall. This is also the last post in which I will whine about my sore leg/back.


Lesley said...

Those yarn colours are beautiful and your new beads are stunning! I hope the leg feels better once the pain killers kick in :)


CG said...

what a positive medley of gorgeous colours and textures! I hope you heal fast and are soon out of pain.

You made my Saturday very happy with the parcel you sent!!!!!!