Monday, February 18, 2008

how silly of me and stash giveaway announcement

Thank you to Julie and Jules for gently pointing out my mistake with the links. That's what happens when I get in a big hurry to get my post done, I guess! Anyway I've fixed the bad links.

It was such fun to do the recent postcard giveaway that I've decided to get together at least two and possibly three bundles from my fabric/fiber stash to send off to three participants. I'm thinking of making up cool colors, warm colors bundles for sure, with the possibility of a wildcard bundle in there, too. I'm giving a warning for this giveaway so maybe the word can get around. I don't have photos of the bundles yet (don't have the bundles yet, either) but I will in the next day or two. If you're interested, keep watching!


Lesley said...

I'm finally back and catching up on Blogland. You have been so busy the past few days!!!

I'm seriously impressed that you can turn an old sewing machine into a needle felter and I love the results you've got already!

Your ATC's are lovely and I hope the etsy shop goes really well. I keep meaning to set one up but it is still on the To Do list!!

I hope Dylan and the cats are all recovering from their various ailments/ experiences!!!

Lesley xx

Stitchety Grub said...

I too am seriously impressed that you have converted an old sewing machine into an embellisher ... I have been envious of other people whose blogs I visit and who have new embellisher machines... I would love one but the conversion is a brilliant idea ...well done!
Britt :-)