Thursday, February 7, 2008

queen of pain

I'm still at home and still hurting. I can walk better but sitting upright and putting pressure on my strained hamstring is out of the question. I have two doctor appointments soon so I hope I can get some relief.

I wanted to share images of the beautiful postcard I got from Susan Lenz at CyberFyber. I love the way she's signed the back of the card in stitch. If you haven't taken the opportunity to get in on this very interesting event, you really should check it out.

My mother gave me this nifty quilted bag for Christmas. I've enjoyed and collected angel images for several years so this fits right in. I decided to use it as a workbag which it seems very suited for.


Maggie Grey said...

You take it easy. I feel responsible for your condition. I'm on the mend - hope you are, too.

Kate said...

Hi there! Thank you for coming by my blog and saying hello. I am returning the compliment (and loving your header particularly). Get your back better soon! xx

CG said...

What a gorgeous postcard. One to treasure. Your bag is very cute :) Take care of yourself {{HUGS}}

Julie said...

I hope you soon get some relief from your pain Susan. Hope the doctor can help tomorrow. Your chosen postcard is beautiful. Lovely colours.