Monday, February 18, 2008


I've taken the plunge and opened an etsy shop (see right sidebar for link). I have a couple of things listed right now, including the postcard above, and will probably confine myself to artist postcards and ATC's, but who knows.

Dylan is home from school today with about the grossest, messiest upper respiratory virus I've ever seen. He is leaking mucus from every facial orifice he has, excluding his ears. Other than that he doesn't seem to feel too bad. Ick.
I'm noticing the links I've put within my text don't work, at least on my computer. Can anyone else use them successfully?


Julie said...

Poor dylan! I hope he feels better soon and he doesn't pass it on to you.
I think your links are not working because you have http:// twice in the address. When I do the link thing I highlight and copy my link and then delete the http thingy that's already in the link box. Might be worth a look.

CG said...

Julie is probably right on the link things. Poor Dylan! I must check out your shop...