Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog friends.
My day started at 5 a.m. when I woke up and realized I had forgotten to bake the chocolate cheesecake I had promised for the Relay For Life silent auction at work. I was at the nearest grocery store at 5:30 only to find out they don't open til 6. So I drove across town (OK, I live in a small town, but still) to the all-night Wal-Mart, got the needed groceries and headed home. Mixing up cream cheese, eggs, etc. at six in the morning is not my idea of a good time, but I'm glad I remembered to do it. The cake is chilling now and I'll go pick it up at lunch. I put a photo of a chocolate cheesecake on the auction table until the real thing arrives. I hope people appreciate this!
I felt like mother of the year when I discovered I had forgotten to send Dylan's valentines to school with him yesterday. There's no school today so they had their little class valentine parties yesterday. Fortunately, Dylan didn't seem to mind because after all, he got stuff from other people. He said he can take his valentines in on Monday. He's much more pragmatic than I am. I think first with my heart.
I made the heart ATC above with a piece of my first attempted hand needle felting. I used a commercial felt base and felted on dyed wool roving, a piece of purple chiffon, and a piece of some kind of hand dyed sheer fabric I bought somewhere. I blanket stitched around the edges with variegated purple machine quilting thread and attached wings and a heart cut from stamped and gilded scrapbook paper with a heart-shaped brad in the center. I also stitched on a little clock charm because the piece needed something. Not bad for being in a hurry!
Hope everyone has a nice day.


CG said...

Oh dear, what a day!! your cheesecake sounds delicious and your artwork is exquisite!

SaraLynn said...

Hello! I came across your blog the other day and find myself checking it for updates! Lovely crafts! I love to bake, but 6am is for drinking coffee, not baking...hahaha. But I have to say cheesecake sounds wonderful right now. My daughter was so anxious for her Valentine's party today. She would have taken the cards yesterday if I had let her. It was a loud party! Hope you have a good day!