Saturday, February 9, 2008

I really shouldn't have

OK, I know I didn't need any of these, but I wandered into the fabric store and they jumped into my arms. I'm lucky it was only six fat quarters and no more.

No comments on my ugly worktable. Surely no one else works amidst an incipient avalanche!

My friend Jules has notified me that she received the postcard she won from me a couple of weeks ago and so now I can reveal the whole card without ruining the surprise for her. Here it is.

I will post the other cards when the recipients get them.


Lesley said...

That table looks very much like mine on a good day!!! Lovely fabrics and I'm impressed with how much restraint you showed in your fabric shopping!!!
Beautiful postcard :)


CG said...

Those fabrics look very tempting. i'm sure you'll do great things with them. Am looking forward to seeing the other postcards :)