Wednesday, February 20, 2008

heeeer they are! stash bundles

First of all, let me say that I'm not sure what sort of response I'm going to get for this giveaway and I want it to be fair, so we will proceed thusly: If after a reasonable period of time I have only 3 respondents I will give the bundles to them in the order listed per the order in which I receive the names. If I receive more than 3 names I will draw for the three winners. I would also like those interested in getting a bundle to specifically say so in their post.
Bundle 1--warm colors. This bundle includes pieces of velvet (cotton, silk, and stretch), batiks, silks, some hand dyed pieces, several lengths of ribbon and other fiber trim, a selection of interesting papers, a moon face charm, a stamped and painted column on paper, and a bit of embossed and crimped copper shim. There may be other stuff in there I forgot about and can't see well in the photo.

Bundle 2--cool colors. This lot includes velvets, batiks, at least one piece of hand dyed fabric, a hunk of wool roving (will be more than the photo shows), Some nice trims, ribbons, and fibers, plus a couple of collage papers, a metal tag, a paper tag, a wire hand charm, some fun purple star sequinny things, and an embossed and painted paper star. Oh, and a teeny little glass bottle with a stopper (hard to see, it's on the left of the photo about 2/3 of the way up).

Bundle 3--wildcard. With emphasis on the "wild". I admit I went a bit crazy here, but I couldn't stop myself. Some lovely apricot velvet, silk, batiks, commercial quilting fabric, a bit of orange cotton I dyed myself (!), plus a bunch of ribbons and fibers including a hank of bluey/gray/brownish hand dyed fibers. Also included are 6 papers, some collage type, some handmade, a little glossy red Chinese money envelope, wire heart charm, key charm, teeny clothespins, some buttons, and two pewter stick ons.

If any of this is unclear please let me know.


Julie said...

If you don't mind mailing to the UK I would like to be included please Susan. The "wild" bundle looks fun but I would love any.

katelnorth said...

Me too, me too. I'd be happy with any of them. I love stuff!

Stitchety Grub said...

I love the colours in bundle 2. I have been visiting your blog for a while now and thoroughly enjoying looking at what you do
Britt Western Australia :)

Debbi Baker said...

Hi! I have just found your blog via a goggle "fabric" alert. So glad I did - fabulous blog and I adore your vibrant banner. I'd love to be included in the draw - I love all the bundles but the warm colours would be my favourite. I look forward to visiting you regularly now!

Five Shadows said...

I'm blog hopping and found you through Cyber Fyber. I'd love to be included in your bundle giveaway! They all look great! Such a fun idea!

Kate said...

As I'm now home, I am very cheekily adding myself to your draw, please (I'll understand if you want to disqualify me for being in the UK). I'm really digging the cool colours actually, although they are all fabulous. Looks like a great opportunity for an Inspiration Project.
Have a great weekend. I wanted to go out and buy a sofa (ours is broken) but my hubby just broke the vacuum cleaner AND wants a new car....

SaraLynn said...

Hi! I just saw your post and got caught up on my blogs. I have been feeling a bit under the weather myself. I love the idea of the stash give away. I like the first bundle but they all look fabulous! If it isn't too late I would like to throw my name in!

Aussie Jo said...

Hi Susan,
I've had a busy week and so only just getting back to you. Hope you feel better soon, I usually dose up on the echinacea and multivitamins when I get one of those flu things.
I would love to join in your giveaway and I'm loving those wild colours

Gail V said...

Hi. Looks like I found you just in time to get in the stash bundles giveaway! And tomorrow is my birthday, so maybe that will bring me luck... Any of the bundles would thrill me. I love your creations.

Barb said...

Hi Blissful! Love your blog and your work. I'd love to be included in the drawing.
So sorry you're not feeling well - hope you are up and around soon!