Friday, February 15, 2008

signs of spring?

Probably just wishful thinking, but as I was leaving the house I heard birds singing cheerfully, including a robin and a cardinal, and it did make me think of spring.

These photographs are not mine (no, I have not added wildlife photography to my list of addictions). The robin photo comes from here. The cardinal photo comes from here.

David came home with lovely Valentine gifts for me, including a candle in the shape of a bunch of roses. I don't know if I can bring myself to burn it. The card he bought plays the theme from "Sleepless In Seattle" (A Kiss to Build a Dream On) when it's opened. Who says people married 23 years can't be romantic?

I got the needle felting attachment for my old sewing machine yesterday. I plan to convert the machine and play with felting this weekend. I have a hand felter but I have trouble with the needles bending and breaking very easily. They seem much longer than necessary and they're so slender and brittle which I think contributes to the breakage. They aren't cheap, either. The machine needles are much shorter and I hope that will mean they last longer.

Our three young male cats are going in this morning to be neutered. I'm sure they'll be thrilled. :-)


Kate said...

Well, we think of robins as being a winter bird over here (and they look totally different - little brown birds with a red breast). My middley has Robyn as her middle name because she was due on Christmas Eve (didn't come till January 3rd).
Burn your candle. Enjoy it. (I was brought up to 'save' nice things. For what? When I go to my mother's house I find bubble bath I had when I was a child. I guess I could start a museum!) xx

CG said...

Triple OUCH for your three cats!!

I'm glad you had a romantic Valentine's Day!