Monday, February 25, 2008

ironing board cover

You know, it might pay off having a horrid ironing board cover. Libby is having a contest in honor of Leap Year and Sadie Hawkins day. Here is proof that I really ought to either be more careful or else get a dedicated cover just for ironing actual clothing.OK, so you can't see its full yuckiness, but trust me it would make a fastidious housekeeper shudder. Which I obviously am not one of :-). And this is my newer cover. The old one was truly unmentionable.

It is now evening and I feel better now than I have for about four days. I hope I feel this good when I get up in the morning because, ready or not, it's back to work for me.


Kate said...

I am SHOCKED beyond words by your ironing board cover!! (It's much better than mine!! Lol) Over here, there is a cheapie brand called JML and they sell one size fits all ironing board covers for £4.99 (that'll be 10 bucks to you!). I can't imagine such a thing isn't readily available near you (and cheaper to boot!). Or you could just put a nice clean cloth over the board when you iron clothes. Did you say you iron clothes? How does that work again??!! xx

Lesley said...

My ironing board is covered in a thrifted sheet held on with numerous bulldog clips - classy!!

Hope you are feeling much better in the morning :)


CG said...

Mine is pretty disgusting. I buy cheap ones and replace them often as I tend to burn them